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There are three different training options, 2 of which will allow you to become a SPARCS Certified Clinician:

The 2 Models that allow you to become a SPARCS Certified Clinician are:
  • SPARCS Learning Collaborative: Join One in NY
  • Host Your Own SPARCS LC
The third Training Option allows you to have brief training on a specific skill/SPARCS technique:
  • Partial Learning Collaborative  
Each different model is described in greater detail below:


SPARCS Learning Collaborative: Join One in NY

The SPARCS Learning Collaborative: Join One in NY model really offers the agency the best chance for future sustainability of the new treatment model. Our goal is for the agency to be able to continue to run SPARCS well beyond the scope of the initial training relationship. Many of our partners have been successful in doing this years after their collaborative has ended.
This package spans 9-12 months and includes the follow:
  • Planning Phase: Consultation Calls and Organizational Readiness work beginning a month prior to the first training session. We work with the agency (you!) to prepare them for the groups so that they will be able to start with groups almost immediately after the first training session. Readiness work includes issues related to assessment, identifying youth for group, recruiting and orienting kids to the purpose of the group, getting buy-in from kids, staff, administrators, parents, other caregivers, and anticipating barriers to implementation and problem-solving in advance.
  • Learning Session 1: 2 Full Days of Training
  • Consultation Calls: Bi-weekly calls immediately after Learning Session 1. Overtime, these slowly taper down to monthly calls. There are approximately 15 calls over a period of 9-12 months.
  • Learning Session 2: 2 Full Days of Training to occur about 8 weeks after the first learning session. This includes review of concepts first learned in Learning Session 1, as well as new material. At this point, clinicians will have already started their groups, so they will have an opportunity to bring their experiences to the trainings. In addition, spacing between learning sessions is such that by the second learning session, they will be learning new concepts/skills prior to reaching that session of the manual. 
  • Administrative/Clinical Support: We are generally available via phone/email to problem solve and talk about things that occur outside of the regularly scheduled calls and learning sessions. We field emails and calls ranging from small requests for materials to larger questions regarding implementation stumbling blocks.
  • Materials: Training handouts and materials, 1 black and white copy of the manual, and 1 set of color Youth Handouts (the same one as the kids get) are included in the cost for each participant. The color Youth Handouts for each of the group members are not included. We also translated some of the handouts into Spanish, available by request.

Host Your Own SPARCS LC
If you are unable to attend a session in New York, we will do everything in our power to help you create a training session where you are. Hosting a collaborative allows you to gather community partners who would be interested in pooling their resources and joining your training. If you would like to host your own SPARCS Learning Collaborative, please visit the Contact Us page and send us an email so that we can help you plan your training session.

Partial Learning Collaborative

If a complete learning collaborative is not possible, we are able to host a 1 to 2 day Partial Learning Collaborative overview on a particular skill/concept. If you are interested in a Partial Learning Collaborative, please visit the Contact Us page and send us an email with your specific request so that we can help you plan your Partial Learning Collaborative.