A little bit of light can push away much darkness
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SPARCS Sessions Topics

Sessions focus on enhancing coping strategies and teaching
adolescents how to make choices mindfully even in the face of
potential danger. Adolescents learn concrete steps to help them
better manage the moment & make it more likely that they can
get what they want and need when under stress and struggling
with conflict in relationships. Group members are routinely
encouraged to improve access to their innate strengths, or “wise
mind,” through routine mindfulness exercises, role plays, and
activities with movie clips and discussion.

Sample topics include:

♦ Manage Your Emotions So They Don’t Manage You
including anger, sadness, and worries
♦ Understand How Your Body Reacts to Stress
♦ How to Get What You Want: Improving Communication Skills
♦ Relationships: Building the Kind of Support You Want

♦ Create meaning for the past and purpose for the future