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  • Pre-work/Planning Phase:  Manuals sent to all participants.  Clinicians, supervisors, & administrators complete the SPARCS Planning Worksheet as a team & participate in planning calls with trainers. 
  • Learning Session 1:  two day face-to-face training which includes a balance of didactic presentations, demonstrations, role-plays, and mindfulness practice.
  • Bi-weekly multi-site consultation calls:  emphasis on clinical application of material, fidelity, flexibility, sustainability, and evaluation.
  • Learning Session 2:  two day face-to-face training approximately 6-8 weeks after the start of group.


  • LC participants consist of teams of at least 2 (preferably 3 individuals): 1 administrator/ supervisor and 2 clinicians.
  • Attendance at both full days of both Learning Sessions.
  • Participation in 80% of consultation calls.
                         TRAINING COSTS INCLUDE
  • Pre-work planning phase
  • Two 2-day face-to-face learning sessions
  • Associated training materials

  • Bi-weekly consultation calls and email support occurring over 8 months