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The Four C's
Cultivate Awareness
This step is to help members to learn how the environment impacts upon them emotionally, cognitively, and physiologically and to become aware of their own internal and external "triggers". Through increased awareness, adolescents are better able to notice how their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors affect what happens around them and learn how to make choices mindfully during stressful or dangerous situations.

Through the use of SOS (Slow Down, Orient, Self-Check) and Mindfulness techniques, members increase their awareness of internal states )thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and urges) and external experiences (what is going on around them and in their relationships).

Mindfulness skills emphasize staying in the present, observing without acting, and describing internal experience and external events without judgment. Mindfulness practice, which is central to DBT and SPARCS, originates from Buddhist philosophy and has been widely used with good efficacy in the treatment of numerous medical and psychiatric conditions. Mindfulness and SOS are practiced in every session.